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In this episode of the King Kustom Cycles Podcast we meet Holly Henderson Chambers, a wife, mother and long time Fayette County 911 Dispatcher.  After a 12-year fight with Lupus, Holly’s kidney’s are failing and she needs a transplant.

She is very gracious in talking to us about how long she has struggled with Lupus and the financial burdens of dealing with an auto-immune disease.  Holly is at the stage where she is waiting on the kidney transplant process which means expensive medications, the cost of the transplant process itself, and she would also like to be able to offer compensation to the kidney donor for the time away from work while they recover from the operation.

Janaya Daily speaks to us about the ride on Saturday November 1st.  After Holly’s most recent biopsy results came back, it was determined that it was time for a kidney transplant and those in the riding community and her circle of friends decided to put on a fund raising ride.

Registration for the ride starts at 9:00 am at Big Daddy Cycles in Fayetteville, departing at 11:00 am and is escorted through Fayette, Coweta and Pike Counties, ending at Hotlanta Wings back in Fayetteville.  Prizes and a raffle, plus food and music for $20 per bike.

Anyone interested in offering a donation as part of the ride should please contact Peggy Glaze via email

To download the informational flyer click here – rideforholly

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    I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the pod cast and helping us advertise Holly's ride. I truely could not tell you how impressed I am by you and your husband's kindness. I know you have spoken to Peggy about Holly but there is alot I did not have an opportunity to say on the podcast because I get kind of choked up when I talk about her sometimes.

    I just wanted to tell you a little more about Holly....She is amazing, truely. This girl was diagnosed with Lupus when she was just twenty-one, I could not imagine how that was for her. Through the years, she worked full time at the 911 center, which is probably one of the most stressful jobs around, she did chemo treatments, went to dr appts, came to work, and still made it possible to pick up her son from school, make dinner, help him with his homework, and be a good friend, wife, and mother! The most amazing thing about her to me is that she never complained! Not only did she not complain, but she was very secretive about everything! Recently, when she found out about the kidney transplant she decided she had to tell people...ONLY because she wanted them to pray for her! She did not ask or want money...but of course then she realized that this was gonna be really expensive. Also, during the post cast last week Holly stressed how she was very lucky so far because she did not have to do dialysis and hopefully she would not have to. Unfortunately, she found out yesterday that she does have to start dialysis. She will be going next Wednesday for her first treatment. She is a little depressed about it but she is still in high spirits...In fact, she asked if I would buy her a bedazzler and decorat the catheder they implant..haha, that is Holly for you!

    So, again thank you...We will be sending our business to your shop, as well as all of our friends that own bikes! Thank you for what you do!

    Janaya Daly

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    Hello Janaya,

    Wow…thank you so much for the e-mail. I have to tell you that SOOO many people I have talked to were so touched by you and Holly on the Podcast. Joe had asked me if he should keep the part in when you began to cry, and I told him ABSOLUTELY!!! That is the emotion and feeling that I wanted people to hear so that they understand that Holly is a loving, caring, compassionate person that we are riding for and she is simply not a face on a flyer.

    I cannot wait to meet you and Holly in person. Even though I know very little about her, I imagined her the exact way you describe her below. Although there is no rhyme or reason to why such terrible things happen to such great people, we have to believe that they have a reason up above. Read what I sent you in the attached document…I live by this and read it often to remind me that everyday how precious life is.

    When I see people that need help no matter how big or small, I cannot just stand by and want to do anything I can to help. I played such a small part in this whole thing, but I hope that if we were able to reach just ONE more person to help Holly, then I did my small part.

    Holly is in my prayers and I know what she has to endure of the road ahead will not be an easy one for her. She is truly blessed that she has YOU in her life to help see her way through. I am always just a phone call or e-mail away if I can help in ANYWAY…

    I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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    are you joking? this site is getting virtually no traffic at all.

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    I have to say that we were really taken back about all of your comments on our website…

    We understand that this is America and everyone is entitled to free speech and their own opinion, but we just cannot believe how ugly you had to be about it. Based on your comments, we have to make the assumption that you have NEVER participated in a motorcycle event to help others in need? Motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds are some of the most charitable, kind hearted & giving people and if we can do our small part to help someone in our community out, we will do so each and every time. And the three or four annual rides that we participate in are not overly excessive by any means. What if this was your wife, child or family member with some type of disease, and maybe you did not have the means to pay for the operation or medications…would you turn to your brothers in your time of need? Our goal is not to be only a motorcycle shop, but that we are a hub for our community. So yes, if you want to stop by to get out of the sun on a 90 degree day to have some lunch on us and kick your tires with other bikers, what is so wrong with that? Maybe on your motorcycle trips, you only stop for gas and you are right back on the road, but not all people can be as strong as you are my friend. And how are you gauging that our website is getting no traffic…are you behind the scenes to see how many hits we are getting? We honestly debated not sending you any response at all and just chalking your comments up as someone who has nothing better to do than critique others instead of possibly pointing the finger at himself. Obviously, we decided to send you this note since this is the land of the free and we are all entitled to our opinion. If you are so disgusted with our website, maybe you should spend more time riding your motorcycle than wasting your time writing comments on our website.

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    Hi Laura,

    We are really getting excited and pumped about the benefit ride Saturday. I just can’t wait to meet you! Holly had to go today to have a “catheter” put in that will be taped to her chest; this is for dialysis. She is about to begin. She and the doctor’s were hoping to keep her levels at such that she would not have to start yet but her tests levels came back indicating it was time. She was really depressed yesterday according to Janaya but she said give her some time and let her have her “pitty party” and she’ll be fine.

    She is damned determined to ride on a motorcycle Saturday!!! We’ve tried to tell her that it may be to cold, yada, yada, yada, but she’s determined to do it!!

    I just wanted to bring you up to date on Holly and tell you again thank you so very much for everything you are doing to help us out!

    See you Saturday morning at Big Daddy’s!

    Peggy Glaze

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