An Early Vintage Christmas Gift


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It’s time to start thinking about doing some Holiday Shopping for the rider in the family!  On today’s King Kustom Cycles Podcast, Phil gives us a glimpse into the current special deals that are available including:

20% off all IN Stock and SPECIAL ORDER Drag Specialties & Parts Unlimited items Until Dec.31st.

And the new Biltwell “Old School Metal Flake” Open Face Helmets…choose from Eleven Awesome Colors.

Check with Phil at the Shop to get all of the details about these great products. There is also a Gift Certificate Option available in case you just can’t decide what should appear under the tree .. and you just want to leave the shopping decisions to the recipient.

Laura let’s us know about an upcoming ride this weekend benefiting the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program.  For complete details check out the Events Page.

For the long range planning keep the date available for December 31st when the Chick Fil-A Peach Bowl takes place in Atlanta.  And in case you haven’t heard Georgia Tech has just accepted the invitation to participate in this year’s game, so it should attract a great crowd.

After the ride, Laura and Phil will have a cookout back at King Kustom Cycles to kick off your New Year’s celebrations!

And .. if you come by the Shop you can check out Phil’s new 1962 vintage Chevy Truck!

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    Oh. My. Goddess!

    That's a amazing truck! I'm brazilian and we don't usually see a lot of "vintage" trucks right here, but I've always been in love with them.

    Nice blog, also. Congrats you guys (:

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    why would you have a truck project in a motorcycle shop?

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    I have to say that we were really taken back about all of your comments on our website…

    We understand that this is America and everyone is entitled to free speech and their own opinion, but we just cannot believe how ugly you had to be about it. Based on your comments, we have to make the assumption that you have NEVER participated in a motorcycle event to help others in need? Motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds are some of the most charitable, kind hearted & giving people and if we can do our small part to help someone in our community out, we will do so each and every time. And the three or four annual rides that we participate in are not overly excessive by any means. What if this was your wife, child or family member with some type of disease, and maybe you did not have the means to pay for the operation or medications…would you turn to your brothers in your time of need? Our goal is not to be only a motorcycle shop, but that we are a hub for our community. So yes, if you want to stop by to get out of the sun on a 90 degree day to have some lunch on us and kick your tires with other bikers, what is so wrong with that? Maybe on your motorcycle trips, you only stop for gas and you are right back on the road, but not all people can be as strong as you are my friend. And how are you gauging that our website is getting no traffic…are you behind the scenes to see how many hits we are getting? We honestly debated not sending you any response at all and just chalking your comments up as someone who has nothing better to do than critique others instead of possibly pointing the finger at himself. Obviously, we decided to send you this note since this is the land of the free and we are all entitled to our opinion. If you are so disgusted with our website, maybe you should spend more time riding your motorcycle than wasting your time writing comments on our website.

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    How Much?

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    Nice "vintage" truck.....i guess you are all set Phil. Vintage Truck, vintage bike (if you can get it running again).....and a bike shop. You may have to start thinking about expanding....haha

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