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How does the number 38,603 meals served since July ’07 grab you?  That is the number of meals distributed to the homeless and destitute in the City of Atlanta by the folks at Innermission, an organization led by one of our guests on the King Kustom Cycles Podcast, Roy Whitney.

Roy spends every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday in one of the two trucks that he has rebuilt from scratch, taking food, clothing and medical supplies to the streets. This organization is always on the lookout for anyone willing to contribute canned food, cash contributions or volunteer time to take care of those in need. They also have the good fortune of partnering with a Christian based Motorcycle Club we have had the honor of highlighting on the podcast in the past, we welcome again John McGinn from the Moo Cow Bikers.

King Kustom Cycles in conjunction with the Moo Cow Bikers are sponsoring a charity ride called Feed The Hungry on Saturday June 20, 2009, with proceeds going to help Innermission achieve their calling of providing good deeds.

To get a sense of the type of organization Innermission is, just read the blog posts that you find at http://dudesharethefood.org/blog/.  It can really make you feel good inside to know that there are giving people in the world no matter what the conditions might be.  Both Roy and Erik Humphries are simply incredible human beings … and of course there are many others involved with this group that weren’t named.

Laura recently had the first hand experience of riding along with Roy while he and his wife were distributed food in the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta, and was able to witness the outpouring of gratitude and affection on display.

Representing the Moo Cow Bikers is John McGinn, Vice-Cow of the Moo Cow Bikers who shares with us that they annually affiliate with two charities for fundraising purposes. John also shares with us that he and his wife attended one of Roy’s annual Super Bowl parties, where Atlanta homeless can get a hot meal and watch some of the game.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Moo Cow Bikers you can check their web site at www.moocowbikers.org …. or you can attend a monthly meeting on the second Monday of every month at the Dwarf House in Fayetteville at 6:00 pm.

Here is a quick video that will give you some insights into what it all means, and explains why “Dude, share some food”.

This is a video of Laura and her new friend Cory discussing the situation that led to him helping out at Innermission;

For more videos from Laura’s visit to Little Five Points in Atlanta with Roy and his team, visit the King Kustom Cycles YouTube Channel.

For more information about Innermission, Roy can be reached at (404) 502-1976.  Check the Events page for the ride details on the June 20th Feed The Hungry charity ride with the Moo Cow Bikers.

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    what's the deal with all these "charity rides"? Nothing wrong with "giving back", but most motorcycle fans are enthusiasts who would like to see more posts about the latest mods, trick products, and technical advice. This site seems to be far too "female" oriented if you get my drift. Until you start gearing your content to the enthusiasts instead of your own personal interests, this site will never see any REAL traffic.

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    I have to say that we were really taken back about all of your comments on our website…

    We understand that this is America and everyone is entitled to free speech and their own opinion, but we just cannot believe how ugly you had to be about it. Based on your comments, we have to make the assumption that you have NEVER participated in a motorcycle event to help others in need? Motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds are some of the most charitable, kind hearted & giving people and if we can do our small part to help someone in our community out, we will do so each and every time. And the three or four annual rides that we participate in are not overly excessive by any means. What if this was your wife, child or family member with some type of disease, and maybe you did not have the means to pay for the operation or medications…would you turn to your brothers in your time of need? Our goal is not to be only a motorcycle shop, but that we are a hub for our community. So yes, if you want to stop by to get out of the sun on a 90 degree day to have some lunch on us and kick your tires with other bikers, what is so wrong with that? Maybe on your motorcycle trips, you only stop for gas and you are right back on the road, but not all people can be as strong as you are my friend. And how are you gauging that our website is getting no traffic…are you behind the scenes to see how many hits we are getting? We honestly debated not sending you any response at all and just chalking your comments up as someone who has nothing better to do than critique others instead of possibly pointing the finger at himself. Obviously, we decided to send you this note since this is the land of the free and we are all entitled to our opinion. If you are so disgusted with our website, maybe you should spend more time riding your motorcycle than wasting your time writing comments on our website.

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