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In this third installment of The King Kustom Cycles podcast, we are introduced to Garon Watson the Lead Technician at the shop. As a rider of multiple makes and models of motorcycles he is well versed in the various aspects of parts and service for all bikes.

We are introducing a segment of the podcast called Tech Tips

Garon introduces us to Gear Drive Cams.

All twin cam motors are designed with a chain drive cam with plastic spring loaded tensioners which can wear out at 25,000 – 30,000 miles. The recommended service is to remove the cam cover to look for any degredation which could potentially damage the motorcycle.

A Gear Drive Cam is an alternative to replacing the tensioners and chain.  The three biggest reasons for installing a gear drive cam are:

  • By replacing the tensioners with the gear drive cam you are eliminating the need for the chain drive and future replacement due to degredation in the future.
  • Taking the tensioners and chain out will provide less drag or negative horsepower on the motor
  • Upgrade to the gear drive cam will also provide more torque and horsepower for the motorcycle

This service element would be applicable to any twin cam models on the road since 1999 .. essentially any touring models on the road.

Contact the shop for assistance in choosing which cam is best, based upon each individual’s riding style.

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