Bikes, Burgers and Ball

October 13th, 2008 / Comments / by Joemagennis


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Show Notes:

Saturday afternoons in the Fall brings out riders, football on the bigscreen, and hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill at King Kustom Cycles in Fairburn.  It’s been great riding weather and the enticement of some hot food has made for some nice gatherings in a casual atmosphere at the shop.  Until the end of this month just stop on by the shop and talk motorcycles and partake in the hospitality!

This Saturday, October 18th is the Chick-fil-A/ Victory Junction Charity Ride – Hot Air Balloon Rally.  Laura and Phil will be heading down to Great South Harley Davidson in Newnan around 2:00 pm, and are inviting anyone interested in joining them to meet up at King Kustom Cycles for the ride.  The weather is supposed to be great ….

All of the information about the Moo Cow Ride is available on the web site .. or at the front of the shop if you are in the neighborhood.

We are introducing some Podcast / Web Site Specials

Gear Drive Cams – Installed with parts and labor for $1499.99

Eighty Eight cubic inch Harley Davidson models can increase horsepower via The Big Bore Kit -  a Podcast promotion for $899.99

AND all Dunlop and Metzeler Tires are 20% off!

All you have to do to get these specials are just to mention that you got this information from the web site.

Make sure to send this promotion on to your friends as well!

If there are other groups in the area that need to distribute information about their rides or events please send us an email or call us (770)756-9803 & we will help you to promote it.

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Introducing Garon & Tech Tips

September 24th, 2008 / Comments / by Joemagennis


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Show Notes:

In this third installment of The King Kustom Cycles podcast, we are introduced to Garon Watson the Lead Technician at the shop. As a rider of multiple makes and models of motorcycles he is well versed in the various aspects of parts and service for all bikes.

We are introducing a segment of the podcast called Tech Tips

Garon introduces us to Gear Drive Cams.

All twin cam motors are designed with a chain drive cam with plastic spring loaded tensioners which can wear out at 25,000 – 30,000 miles. The recommended service is to remove the cam cover to look for any degredation which could potentially damage the motorcycle.

A Gear Drive Cam is an alternative to replacing the tensioners and chain.  The three biggest reasons for installing a gear drive cam are:

  • By replacing the tensioners with the gear drive cam you are eliminating the need for the chain drive and future replacement due to degredation in the future.
  • Taking the tensioners and chain out will provide less drag or negative horsepower on the motor
  • Upgrade to the gear drive cam will also provide more torque and horsepower for the motorcycle

This service element would be applicable to any twin cam models on the road since 1999 .. essentially any touring models on the road.

Contact the shop for assistance in choosing which cam is best, based upon each individual’s riding style.

Upcoming Events

Lisa’s Ride …. For Information lisa_flyer_2008

Chik Fil A Mow Cow Riders …. For Information Moo Cow Flyer

And again .. Feel free to include some suggestions for naming of The Podcast in the comments section of this post.

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The Roadcast

September 17th, 2008 / Comments / by Joemagennis


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Show Notes:

Click on Play button above to listen to The Roadcast!

We are joined on this special edition podcast by Nick Markovic, Laura King’s brother.  The occasion is a charity ride that Laura and Nick participated in called the Ace Hardware Tour de Kids .. to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

Nick was on his 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

While Laura picked up a 2008 Street Glide

And just for fun … Laura preceeded the 730 mile round trip from Chicago to St. Louis by running a half marathon in Chicago through the remnants of Hurricane Ike!

St. John’s Childrens Hospital in Springfield Illinois was the first stop on the trip .. and then it was on to St. Louis to visit the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

This was the first year that motorcyclists joined the bicyclists who traditionally have participated in the Tour in years past. The bicyclists raised an incredible $500,000 on their ride, and for the first ever attempt at the event the twenty motorcyclists raised $50,000!

Information is still available to help Laura raise additional funds for the program via the attached Motorcycle Miracle Mission flyer.

For more great images of the event, visit our photo gallery Ace Children’s Miracle Network Ride for Kids.

Laura would like to recognized the leaders of the ACE CMN event including Joe Furlane, Jody Phillips and Jimmy Alexander who help coordinate and plan the event.

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King Kustom Podcast Episode 1

September 11th, 2008 / Comments / by Joemagennis


Click the Play Button Above to hear the latest Episode of King Custom Cycles Podcast

Show Notes:

To listen to the recorded podcast, click on the play arrow or you can save an MP3 version by right clicking on the Download link above. NOTE: We’ve been hearing about the “chipmunking” of the podcast for a few .. so a quick Internet Search finds the phenomenon corrected at Andy White’s blog .. so it’s been fixed!

In the inaugural episode of this podcast, shop owners Phil & Laura King detail the opening of the motorcycle repair shop called King Kustom Cycles in Fairburn Georgia. …. Highway 74, one mile north of exit 61off I-85.  A super location that even has some of the nicest riding in the area, with scenic highway 70 right down the road for a place to take the bike out and let loose.

Phil and his technician Garon Watson have over 25 years combined experience in motorcycle service. The shop focuses on parts and service for Harley Davidson, Victory, and even custom brands such as Big Dog, Redneck Engineering, American Iron Horse, Big Bear Choppers, and many others….

Gas price hikes have spurred on an increase in the number of people using their motorcycles as commuting vehicles each and every day.  A bike can witness up to 20 miles per gallon more than a typical car, but it’s critically important to make sure that it is kept in top shape for the best experience and safety.

Phil and Laura are intent upon making sure that their customers are treated to superior service not typically found in the big dealerships. The intention is to make the shop a welcoming, laid back atmosphere where you can hang out with a coke or a coffee, and that warm, family environment will spill over into the entire King Kustom community built around events, charity rides, the formation of a riding club, and participation in other sponsored activities.

The website will serve as an information source about everything happening at the hub of the King Kustom community.  Information will also be posted about other rides of interest, such as the one posted on the site now called Lisa’s Ride.

This podcast will be produced on a weekly basis and will present discussions about the latest and greatest trends for motorcycle enthusiasts, information about service specials, and additional added value opportunities for podcast subscribers.

You can download this podcast from the web site or subscribe to the RSS feed … and don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list so that we can keep you informed via email and regular mailings.

Also ….. We Need Your Help.  This podcast can’t have just some generic name, it needs to have some sort of cool sounding brand that will entice listeners to tune in every week!  So we’re looking to the community to come up with something that will set the tone of each week’s conversation.

Have an idea?  Click the comments link on this or any other post to let us know what you think and to start communicating with us at

Thanks for checking in, and tune in often.

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Open for Business!

August 26th, 2008 / Comments / by Joemagennis

We opened our doors for business on September 2nd and are excited to have you come by!

Keep an eye out on this space for ongoing updates from The Shop and from The Road as we post articles and podcasts detailing our exciting adventures.

Call us at (770) 756-9803 or drop us a note in the comments section of the site to let us know what you think.