A Spring Overview

We are releasing this podcast to provide an update on all of the new features that we have added to the web site, as well as some added customer appreciation when you visit the King Kustom Cycles Shop in Fairburn.

The first update that we touch upon is the new picnic area that Phil and Laura set up.  They welcome customers to stop by to hang out, get the bike worked on, and on Saturday afternoons visit as the bar-b-q grill gets fired up for free hamburgers and hotdogs.  The landscaping looks great so stop by to have a look!

An added feature for the web site has been to tap into Phil and Garon’s motorcycle knowledge to produce the Tech Tips page.  On a regular basis, updated insights will be posted with cool and exciting tips for ways to impact performance, style, rideability or any other interesting topics. Whenever possible photos of services will accompany the text so that you can see all the action.

So, check out the page here .. and it might give you some ideas for ways you can enhance your ride!

The products page portion of the web site is a link to all of the various vendors that we deal with, and if there is something in the catalog that you like let us know, we’ll try to special order it for you.

There is information about a number of rides in the area, including a special ride called Feed the Hungry Charity Ride (listen to podcast). The Events page on the site lists other items on the full motorcycle schedule. If you want to post something on the site contact Laura at her email address.

You can also link to the Georgia Motorcycle Riders web site to find out other happenings in your area.

For the King Kustom Cycle’s rides, every other Thursday Phil will be leading a Bike Night at Big Daddy’s Oyster Bar ride through the scenic highways of South Fulton and Fayette counties.  Ending up at Big Daddy’s for a fun night of games, raffles, and food & drink specials!

Let’s build a great community and stay in touch … contact us via email with questions, or leave a comment on this podcast.

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    why would anyone want to "hang out" in 90 degree heat while their motorcycle is being worked on? When it comes to getting things fixed...people want to get in, get out, and get back on the road. Spending hours in a service area or outdoor picnic table isn't most people's idea of "fun".

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    I have to say that we were really taken back about all of your comments on our website…

    We understand that this is America and everyone is entitled to free speech and their own opinion, but we just cannot believe how ugly you had to be about it. Based on your comments, we have to make the assumption that you have NEVER participated in a motorcycle event to help others in need? Motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds are some of the most charitable, kind hearted & giving people and if we can do our small part to help someone in our community out, we will do so each and every time. And the three or four annual rides that we participate in are not overly excessive by any means. What if this was your wife, child or family member with some type of disease, and maybe you did not have the means to pay for the operation or medications…would you turn to your brothers in your time of need? Our goal is not to be only a motorcycle shop, but that we are a hub for our community. So yes, if you want to stop by to get out of the sun on a 90 degree day to have some lunch on us and kick your tires with other bikers, what is so wrong with that? Maybe on your motorcycle trips, you only stop for gas and you are right back on the road, but not all people can be as strong as you are my friend. And how are you gauging that our website is getting no traffic…are you behind the scenes to see how many hits we are getting? We honestly debated not sending you any response at all and just chalking your comments up as someone who has nothing better to do than critique others instead of possibly pointing the finger at himself. Obviously, we decided to send you this note since this is the land of the free and we are all entitled to our opinion. If you are so disgusted with our website, maybe you should spend more time riding your motorcycle than wasting your time writing comments on our website.

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